The Rise of Side Hustles: Unlocking New Avenues for Malaysian Adults

Malaysia has always been a great country for entrepreneurs, but the landscape is changing. As more people turn to side hustles to supplement their income and work on projects that interest them, we see an increase in opportunities for adults who want to create an additional source of income. With this new reality comes new challenges: managing your time wisely between two careers and learning how to juggle multiple responsibilities can be difficult. However, with the right mindset and hard work, making money from side hustles can be very rewarding!

The Side Hustle Phenomenon

A side hustle refers to any type of work or business pursued by individuals alongside their primary employment. It enables adults to tap into their skills, passions, and hobbies to generate extra income, foster personal growth, and even pave the way for a potential career shift. The flexibility of side hustles allows individuals to control their schedules, balance multiple commitments, and gain financial independence.

A side hustle is an additional job on the side. Side hustles include:

  • Extra income
  • Opportunities to learn new skills or gain experience in an area of interest
  • More time to spend with family and friends (if your main job doesn’t require long hours).

There are many ways to start a side hustle, but here are some ideas:

  • Start an online store selling homemade crafts, clothing items or other goods that people want. To get started, you’ll need a website where customers can buy your products. Then all they have to do is pay for the shipping costs!

This option works well if there’s already demand for whatever type of product/service you’re offering otherwise it may not be worth starting one up at all since there wouldn’t be any buyers interested in buying from such businesses yet.

Start a blog about a hobby or interest you have. You can write about anything from recipes and DIY projects to fashion tips and home improvement ideas. The good news is that there will always be people interested in reading what you have to say. This option doesn’t require much startup capital like other businesses.


E-commerce is a growing trend that has gained traction in recent years. It is an innovative way of doing business and can be used as a platform for small businesses to start out with minimal investment, or even as a side hustle for those who want to supplement their income.

E-commerce platforms allow you to sell products or services online through various channels such as social media and e-mail marketing campaigns. There are also many e-commerce websites dedicated solely towards Malaysian customers such as Lazada (Lazada Malaysia), myTekshop (myTekshop Malaysia) and Shopee Malaysia. These websites are easily accessible on desktop computers or mobile devices via their respective apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively

With e-commerce platforms, you can easily set up a shop online with just a few clicks. You will also be able to track your sales and see how much revenue your business generates. A suitable example of an e-commerce platform is Shopify which allows you to create your own website with no coding knowledge while also providing you with many tools and features that are essential for running a successful online store.

Freelancing and tutoring

Freelancing and tutoring are two of the most popular side hustles for Malaysian adults. While freelancing is a growing trend, tutoring is an even more popular option for those looking to make money on the side.

  • Freelancers can use their skills and experience in any field to find jobs online or through word of mouth. They might take on projects like writing articles or designing websites, which can earn them anywhere from RM100-RM1000 per hour depending on their expertise level and location (the more populous cities will have higher rates).
  • Tutors usually teach students who need help with homework assignments or studying for exams; they’re often paid hourly rates between RM300-RM600 depending on their qualifications and whether they’re certified teachers themselves.

Coaching and consulting services

  • How to start a coaching business
  • What are the challenges and rewards of being a coach
  • How to get clients
  • Marketing yourself and your services, including how to price your services

The importance of having your own website and social media accounts How to become an expert in your field and what it means for your coaching business

How to get clients and make money from your coaching business, including: What are the most efficient ways to get clients? How do you know what to charge for your services? -How do you attract ideal clients who can afford your fees?

Ridesharing and Delivery Services

Ridesharing and delivery services are growing in Malaysia. It’s no wonder, with all of the benefits these platforms offer both riders and drivers.

For riders, there are many options to choose from: Uber, Grab and Gojek are three major players in this space that have made it easy for people to get around town through ridesharing. These apps allow users to request a ride via their smartphones and pay for their trip through the app itself (either by cash or credit card). For drivers who use these services as part of their side hustle–or even just as a way to earn some extra income on top of their regular job–the benefits include flexible working hours, no overhead costs such as gas or maintenance expenses (since cars provided by companies like Uber/Grab/Gojek have already been paid for), plus they can set their own rates based on demand at any given time!

Content creation

Creating content is one of the most popular side hustles. You can do this using a variety of platforms including blogs, social media, YouTube and even Instagram. The logical way to get started is by identifying a topic that interests you and researching how to create high-quality content around it.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas:

  • Write about your experience working in an industry (e-commerce, travel) or field (tech). You could write reviews of products/services related to this industry or use your expertise as an employee in that field as inspiration for articles. Look at what other writers have accomplished before deciding what kind of articles work best for your target audience!
  • Create video tutorials that teach people how to do something themselves rather than paying someone else money just so they don’t have trouble doing their own tasks when trying out various things themselves.”

Government support and resources

The Malaysian government has actively supported side hustles. This is evident in its support for startups, freelancers and e-commerce businesses. In addition, the government has also made it easier for ridesharing and delivery services and content creators to thrive in the country.

The Malaysian Government is committed to helping Malaysians become successful entrepreneurs by providing funding opportunities through various programmes such as MySkillsFuture and the MYR 1 million Challenge Competition (MYRMC). Under MySkillsFuture, you can get up to RM5,000 if your company generates revenue within six months after registering under this programme.[1] MYRMC gives out grants between RM100k – RM500k based on how much money they make during their first year.

A healthy economy requires a mix of conventional jobs and evolving forms of employment.

Side hustles are an effective way to make money and learn new skills. A healthy economy requires a mix of conventional jobs and diversified forms of employment. You can use your side hustle to build your brand, gain experience in another field, or simply earn extra cash on the side.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to side hustles. You can try your hand at a number of different jobs, from babysitting to selling clothes on eBay or driving for Uber.

You can also start your own business and turn your side hustle into a full-time job. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the most sustainable side hustles to make money in 2019:

Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist, is the ultimate side hustle platform. You can use it to sell just about anything from clothes and furniture to cars and even houses. If you have a knack for organization, this might be the perfect way to make money from home. This is while avoiding many challenges associated with reselling items online.


In an era where financial stability and job security are highly valued, side hustles have emerged as a viable solution for Malaysian adults seeking additional income and personal growth. Whether through e-commerce, freelancing, tutoring, ride-sharing, or content creation, individuals have found innovative ways to monetize their skills and passions. The evolving digital landscape, combined with government support, has created a conducive environment for Malaysians to embark on side hustles, unlocking new avenues for success and prosperity.


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