Modern Day Worker (MDW)

Course Overview

Modern Day Worker training is an effective way for organizations to boost productivity and maintain quality standards. Well-trained employees can be more skilled in their jobs and less likely to make mistakes, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Employers can also use Modern Day Worker program as a foundation of workplace training to target individual employees or departments. By improving employees through training on different skills aspects, they will experience a sense of accomplishment, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation – to be a truly competent Modern Day worker for the organization.

Course Outlines


Industry 4.0 describes a future state of industry characterized by thorough digitization of economic and production flows. It requires horizontal integration at every step in the production process, in interaction with machines. In the globally interconnected world of Industry 4.0, machines also interact with one another.



Understand IR 4.0 and the implication for our modern day work – as process development adapts and organization moves towards automation and technology centric solutions.



  • Module 1: Industry 4.0 Background
  • Module 2: Overview of Pillar 1-11
  • Module 3: Embracing Digital Transformation
  • Module 4: Skills Towards Productivity
  • Module 5: Skills Towards Quality

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