Microsoft Word 2019 (Introduction: Level 1)

Course Objectives:

Participant will learn below topics:

  • Create and save documents for easy retrieval.
  • Insert and delete text to edit a document.
  • Move, copy, and replace text.
  • Modify text for emphasis.
  • Learn document and paragraph formatting.
  • Set and remove tab stops to enhance document appearance.
  • Use margins, indents, bullets, and numbering to change text layout.

Who Should Attend?

New User Microsoft Office Word.


Basic knowledge on any Microsoft Operating System or basic user of any previous version.

Course Outlines

  • Getting Started
  • Saving a Document
  • Opening a Document
  • Creating a New Document
  • Typing and Deleting Text
  • Selecting Text
  • Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Searching a Document
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Changing the Font Face
  • Changing the Font Size
  • Changing the Font Color
  • Applying Basic Text Effects
  • Applying Advanced Text Effects
  • Working with the Font Dialog
  • Applying Styles
  • Changing the Theme
  • Changing Document Formatting
  • Choosing a New Color, Font, or Effects Scheme
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Clearing Formatting
  • Moving Text
  • Applying Bullets and Numbers
  • Changing Line Spacing
  • Aligning and Justifying Text
  • Working with the Paragraph Dialog
  • Inserting a Cover Page
  • Formatting Text as Columns
  • Adding Watermarks
  • Changing the Page Color
  • Adding a Page Border
  • Inserting Tables
  • Inserting Charts
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Inserting Equations
  • Inserting Screenshots
  • Inserting Local Pictures
  • Inserting Online Pictures
  • Inserting Videos
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Inserting Text Boxes
  • Checking Spelling
  • Inserting Page Numbers
  • Adding Headers and Footers
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Creating an Index

Course Detail

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