Leadership Skills for Highly Effective Leaders

Course Objective

Upon completion of this program, candidates should be able to: 

  • Be equipped with strategic leadership skills instrumental to achieving higher organizational  productivity and effectiveness as change agents for meeting the challenge of globalization 
  • Develop and acquire effective leadership skill so as to promote interpersonal harmony, teamwork and organizational performance 
  • Be able to assume greater job responsibilities and handle different types of employee problems more effectively and confidently 

Who Should Attend?

This program is specially designed for Heads of departments, managers, professionals, executives, supervisors, leaders, and others who are involved in the management and supervision of people. 


This program will be presented via interactive lecture, practical hands-on activities, role-play and group & individual presentation. 

Course Outlines

  • Meeting the challenge of globalization 
  • Understanding the Key Concepts of Productivity 
  • Why do leaders need to increase productivity? 

Course Detail

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