Dashboard and Interactive Report in Microsoft Excel 2016

Course Overview

This is a 2-days Excel Dashboard & Interactive Reports training for those who want to dive into company’s large data and look at the company’s KPIs for decision making purposes. If you have the basic knowledge of Excel charts, pivot tables, functions and formulas, you can proceed to this course to learn how to create dashboard out of your, example sales data, that allows you to interactively slice-and-dice within the data and gain greater insights out of your company’s business performance.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended primarily for advanced user of Microsoft Excel of any version.


This course is designed for current Microsoft Excel users who can build basic workbooks. It is assumed that the user will know how to create and save a workbook, create formulas and use functions.

Course Outlines

  • Overview of training aim, objectives and agenda
  • What is a dashboard?
  • Purpose and benefits of dashboards
  • Understanding dashboard design principles
  • Layout, color and display
  • Common mistakes when building dashboards
  • Understanding your data
  • Organizing data
  • Tools and tricks to clean data before using it to build a report or dashboard
  • The anatomy of an Excel chart
  • Choosing the right data visualization to communicate information effectively
  • Displaying trends with charts
  • When to use a secondary axis
  • Combining two chart types
  • Formatting tricks
  • Adding icons and images to dashboards
  • Creating sparklines – line, column and win/loss
  • Sparkline formatting and options
  • Sparkline tips and tricks
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Data bars, color scales and icon sets
  • Conditional formatting options
  • Using symbols to enhance reporting
  • In-cell charts
  • Step charts
  • Actual vs budget (target) charts – Floating Markers
  • Band chart – show performance against target range
  • Conditional colors in column chart
  • Frequency distribution
  • Panel charts
  • Speedometers
  • Bullet graphs
  • Waterfall chart
  • Pyramid chart and funnel chart
  • Naming cells and ranges
  • Creating Excel tables
  • Applying table names
  • Using structured references in formula
  • Refreshing tables with new data
  • • Learn to nest functions together to create robust formulas
  • Use IF, Nested IFs and IFS (Excel 2016) for logical test with single or multiple conditions
  • Embed AND or OR function in IF for robust logical tests
  • Trap and handle errors produced by other formulas or functions with IFERROR
  • Use CHOOSE to return a value from an array based on index number
  • Aggregate data with single criterion using SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF
  • Tabulating information using multiple criteria with SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS
  • Lookup and retrieve data from a specific column in table using VLOOKUP
  • Use MATCH to find the relative numeric position of an item in a range
  • Use INDEX to extract a value from a table (or range)
  • INDEX and MATCH – powerful combo that has more flexibility and speed
  • Why INDEX MATCH is better than VLOOKUP
  • Using ROW(S) and COLUMN(S) for indexing
  • Rank and sort your data using RANK, LARGE and SMALL
  • Use ‘database functions’ DSUM, DCOUNT and DAVERAGE to filter information in a list or database based on set criteria
  • Using TEXT and CONCATENATE to string numbers and text together to show in a dashboard or chart.
  • Using form controls: Button, Combo Box, Check Box, Spin Button, List Box, Option Button, Scroll Bar, Label and Group Box
  • Set up dynamic data validation list
  • Creating dynamic named range with OFFSET and COUNTA
  • Creating dynamic named range with INDEX
  • Using the INDIRECT function
  • Selecting data with a combo box (or data validation list) for dynamic Excel charting
  • Using a check box to show or hide data or trend lines
  • Scrolling a dynamic excel chart through time
  • Using helper columns to manipulate your data
  • Linked textbox for dynamic chart titles
  • Tricks to avoid crashing lines in line chart
  • Linking legends to cell contents
  • Creating your dashboard
Course Details
Course Title:

Dashboard and Interactive Report in Microsoft Excel 2016


13 Feb - 14 Feb & 13 Mar - 14 Mar 2023

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