Client Management Skills

Course Overview

Whether they’re external or internal, clients matter, and how they are treated should not be left to chance. This client-services workshop is designed to help groups identify their target markets, define their brand’s service standard, and describe what those standards look and sound like on a departmental and individual level.

Course Objective

This relationship-management course will:

  • Help participants articulate their service brand and define the behaviors that support that brand in writing, on the telephone, and in person.
  • Review nine expectations all clients
  • Discuss client-centric
  • Offer strategies for managing difficult clients and challenging
  • Provide suggestions for getting the most out of client

Who Should Attend?

This program is specially designed for Heads of departments, managers, professionals, executives, supervisors, leaders, and others who are involved in the management and supervision of people. 

Course Outlines

Like it or not, service providers are constantly evaluated by the clients they serve. Each interaction either adds to or detracts from clients' opinions of their providers. In this introductory discussion, we will examine the factors that contribute to what clients think, feel, and believe about us.

Course Detail

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