Certified Internet of Things Security Practitioner (CIoTSP™)


This course is designed for practitioners who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral,
cross-industry skill set that will enable them to design, implement, operate, and/or manage a secure IoT ecosystem.

Who Should Attend

Course Pre-requisites

To ensure your success in this course you should have a fundamental understanding of IoT ecosystems, which you can obtain by taking the following CertNexus course:

Course Outline

Topic A: Map the IoT Attack Surface
Topic B: Build in Security by Design

Topic A: Identify Threats to IoT Web and Cloud Interfaces
Topic B: Prevent Injection Flaws
Topic C: Prevent Session Management Flaws
Topic D: Prevent Cross-Site Scripting Flaws
Topic E: Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery Flaws
Topic F: Prevent Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

Topic A: Use Cryptography Appropriately
Topic B: Protect Data in Motion
Topic C: Protect Data at Rest
Topic D: Protect Data in Use

Topic A: Identify the Need to Protect IoT Resources
Topic B: Implement Secure Authentication
Topic C: Implement Secure Authorization
Topic D: Implement Security Monitoring on IoT Systems

Topic A: Ensure the Security of IP Networks
Topic B: Ensure the Security of Wireless Networks
Topic C: Ensure the Security of Mobile Networks
Topic D: Ensure the Security of IoT Edge Networks

Topic A: Improve Data Collection to Reduce Privacy Concerns
Topic B: Protect Sensitive Data
Topic C: Dispose of Sensitive Data

Topic A: Manage General Software Risks
Topic B: Manage Risks Related to Software Installation and Configuration
Topic C: Manage Risks Related to Software Patches and Updates
Topic D: Manage Risks Related to IoT Device Operating Systems and Firmware

Topic A: Protect Local Memory and Storage
Topic B: Prevent Physical Port Access

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