Certified Data Science Practitioner (CDSP)


In this course, you will implement data science techniques in order to address business issues.

  • Use data science principles to address business issues.
  • Apply the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to prepare datasets.
  • Use multiple techniques to analyze data and extract valuable insights.
  • Design a machine learning approach to address business issues.
  • Train, tune, and evaluate classification models.
  • Train, tune, and evaluate regression and forecasting models.
  • Train, tune, and evaluate clustering models.
  • Finalize a data science project by presenting models to an audience, putting models into production, and monitoring model performance.

Who Should Attend

Course Pre-requisites

To ensure your success in this course, you should have at least a high-level understanding of fundamental data science concepts, including, but not limited to: types of data, data science roles, the overall data science lifecycle, and the benefits and challenges of data science.

Course Outline

  • Initiate a Data Science Project
  • Formulate a Data Science Problem
  • Extract Data
  • Transform Data
  • Load Data
  • Examine Data
  • Explore the Underlying Distribution of Data
  • Use Visualizations to Analyze Data
  • Preprocess Data
  • Identify Machine Learning Concepts
  • Test a Hypothesis
  • Train and Tune Classification Models
  • Evaluate Classification Models
  • Train and Tune Regression Models
  • Evaluate Regression Models
  • Train and Tune Clustering Models
  • Evaluate Clustering Models
  • Communicate Results to Stakeholders
  • Demonstrate Models in a Web App
  • Implement and Test Production Pipelines

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